A Benchmark of Luxury with a Touch of Tranquillity – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Flower Poem, Gayani Perera

Involved in the soul-filling practice of adding a sense of fulfilment to one’s life via the touch of luxurious living, Gayani Perera, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Flower Poem, believes that fresh flowers have become a regularly enjoyed product of joy among the majority of people.

Flowers don’t usually count as a necessity, so one may not expect their sails to go up during these trying times, especially if you are a middle-income earner. However, in Gayani’s experience, people have irrevocably gotten into the fulfilling habit of purchasing flowers daily. “Today, most people go for quality instead of any other indicator, such as quantity or price,” continued  Gayani, “The increased number of Sri Lankans who have settled outside the country, the many expatriates living in Sri Lanka and the boom in social media platforms, making the world smaller and one marketplace has had a major impact on this change in my opinion.”  

People are rightfully picky about what they purchase and are sufficiently educated on what to and not to spend on, proving that the serene touch of freshly bloomed flowers is starting to become more of a need than a want, providing relaxation to suffice for their exhausting schedules. However, according to Gayani, the trend of affiliating one’s life with the regular sight of fresh flowers is only on a rollercoaster that is headed up. It does not seem to be coming down anytime soon. 

“Fresh Flowers and arrangements were always something luxurious to have for a long time. Exotic fresh flowers stand out on any occasion, whether a happy or a sad event/milestone in life. The same white roses go to a bridal bouquet and a coffin wreath. It’s the way of presentation and the way one perceives,” continued Gayani, mentioning that The Flower Poem was launched for the very reason of adding a remarkable and unforgettable touch to events that mark important milestones in one’s life.

We always believe in the quality of the end product. In my opinion, people who would purchase flowers for others or themselves would expect to be happy and fulfilled when they receive them. They would want to feel that every cent spent is worth it. Flowers are not a basic necessity, such as groceries or clothes. They go that extra mile and spend on fresh flowers to be happy, feel special, and live luxuriously. Hence, we feel responsible for someone else’s happiness and fulfilment. These thoughts have led us to do extra special things in terms of colour combinations, designs, the freshness of the flowers, and the staff’s pleasant attitude and proactiveness. Providing unique, fresh flower arrangements and customised decorations with high quality and convenience are key factors we considered when positioning our brand in the market.” 

Businesses involved in pleasure and lux come with the default challenge of pleasing complicated and close-to-home desires of the customers, even those who can hardly be so. Clients expect the magic of peace and relaxation from the flowers they purchase, and addressing those pleasure related necessities is a challenging game to play. However, Gayani is not all sceptical about this, confident that it is still possible as complex and tricky as it may be to thrill everyone. According to Gayani, The Flower Poem is growing each day, better and more prominent to fit the increasing demands and to put a smile on even the most formidable faces. 

With the elevated exposure towards luxury at one’s own pace and affordability, Gayani, as an expert in the industry, is happily exploring the positive changes that have come about with the new circumstances. She stated, “The Flower Poem, as a brand, has delivered bridal bouquets to Galle, done Christmas wedding projects in Unawatuna, Kandy and Ratnapura where the customers willingly chose the brand and wanted their special day to be styled by us. These are all positive changes taking place within the past year. “

As devastating and disheartening as the pandemic has been for most people, it has also taught us important lessons, such as being grateful for every milestone you reach and for everyone who continues to stand by you. Flowers being an essential part of each celebration and a thoughtful gift to make anyone feel loved and adored, the circumstances have been indirectly favouring the gifting industry. Gayani sees her venture winning amidst the trying times. She supplies not only high-quality flowers to grace one’s special occasions but also freshly baked cakes and other luxurious gifts. 

“In summary, apart from its setbacks in the lifestyles of many, Covid-19 has led the category of people who could afford a luxury lifestyle to live it to the fullest. Hence, the demand for luxury consumer goods will keep increasing and will play a significant role in lifestyle change in the future of Sri Lanka, “ Gayani concluded confidently.

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